ArtStudents are given an opportunity to develop their talent and creativity through many different projects including painting, drawing, pottery, and mixed media.
Students contribute to the middle school band on an instrument of their choice while developing his/her musical skill in a large group setting.
Extended Band (7-8th Only)
Aimed at students with a deep interest for band, this class provides the band director time to work with a smaller number of students to develop their instrumental abilities. 
This is a 7th and 8th grade class only.

Foreign Language
This class uses Rosetta Stone software for students who are interested in learning one of hundreds of foreign languages. It does require a $50 fee to offset a portion of the Rosetta Stone software. 
If you are interested in foreign language class but could have trouble providing the $50 fee, please contact Mr. Heinrichs. For students interested in learning Spanish we would encourage them to take Spanish class - a New Class for next year (see below for the description)

Choir (Vocal Music)
Students sing a variety of songs from multiple musical genres while they explore music fundamentals. This class builds on our elementary music program and features aspects of a more developed music group, like singing in parts.

Guitar (7-8th Only) This class is aimed at beginning and entry level guitar players who want to grow their musical skill with the instrument. Some outside of class practice will be expected. Guitar will only be offered to 7th and 8th grade students, with preference given to 8th graders. It is a year long course and students are not allowed to start at the second semester. Students will need to furnish their own guitars and a $20 fee to purchase a practice book. If you have questions about this class or are interested but will have trouble securing a guitar or the $20 fee, please contact Mr. Heinrichs.
Engineering/STEM In this class students use the engineering process and scientific exploration as they encounter challenges, plan solutions, execute a building process, analyze the results, then sometimes rebuild their products or complete an experiment. Independent Reading Students set reading goals for themselves and then work towards reaching them while regularly checking in with an adult monitor.
Learning Support
The intent of LS is to create a structured learning space where teachers can work closely with students who need some level of academic support. It is not designed as a study hall for students to work independently on assignments. We confirm LS requests with teacher recommendation and other academic data that would indicate a student needs this additional support.

Physical Education Students complete some tried and true as well as some modern fitness activities in combination with individual, small group, and whole group games of varying competitive levels.

DECLARE (7-8th Only) The DECLARE (Developing Entrepreneurship, Citizenship, Leadership, And Responsibility Everyday) class is a student-driven class where students develop projects they want to see through from beginning to end. DECLARE is a 7th and 8th grade class only, with preference given to 8th graders. It is designed to be taken for only one semester per year. If room allows a limited number of students may have the opportunity to take it both semesters. SpanishMr Randall Loucks leads this exploratory Spanish class and will focus on beginning level Spanish language, culture, and geography through listening, speaking, reading and writing activities.