At Hesston Middle School, our staff approach to student discipline revolves around showing the student respect at all times while shifting responsibility for any inappropriate action back to the student. Our focus is to build a positive relationship with each of our students and to promote our core values of respect, responsibility and best effort. We follow the Responsibility Centered Discipline model and each of our certified staff members has been trained in this approach. We want students to remain in the classroom and this approach promotes that. There are occasions however when an office referral is necessary. When a student is sent to the principal's office, he or she will receive an automatic 30 minute detention to be served in the office after school that day. If arrangements cannot be made for the same day, the student may serve the detention the following day.

As with anything, if there are any questions related to our general approach to student discipline or something specific about your own child, please do not hesitate to contact the building principal, Ben Proctor (ben.proctor@usd460.orgor 620-327-7111), at anytime.