At Hesston Middle School, we believe strongly in instilling the value of responsibility with the way we approach educating students. Working to teach responsibility to our students has become one of our “Pillars” or core values that will benefit students long after they leave HMS. One of the most common ways students struggle to demonstrate responsibility is by failing to complete assignments. Because learning responsibility is critical for student success throughout middle school, high school and beyond, we have developed an after school program as a way to address the growing concern of missing or incomplete assignments which ultimately can lead to student failure.

The purpose of this letter is to provide details of this new after school program and offer guidelines for understanding the principles behind it. If a student fails to complete his/her work for a class, he/she would then be required to stay after school until 4:00 pm to finish the assignment(s). The student will also be required to make contact with his parent/guardian during the school day should he/she need to stay after school. The after school program will take place in the library and will have a facilitator in charge of ensuring proper student engagement on the assignment as well as the quality of work prior to the student leaving at 4:00 pm. 

Our goal with this program is twofold: First, we expect our students to be responsible with their classwork and to give their best effort in all areas related to their academics. Secondly, the HMS staff feels that it is vital for students to complete the assigned work in order to accomplish learning objectives in the most thorough way possible. Designing assignments in a manner that completion will result in increased learning of essential objectives will continue to be a focus for our staff. Hesston Middle School has a tradition of promoting the highest of academic and character expectations and this approach supports these important principles. 

The HMS staff values the support of our families, and would ask that you give the building principal a call if you should have any questions, comments or concerns about this program.