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Reading Resources

Destiny Catalog Search
Find books and other materials that are part of the collection in the Hesston Middle School library.

Hesston Public Library
Search the public library's collection to find other books you might be interested in reading.

NoveList Plus
This database, NoveList Plus, is a great website to find good books to read.  It can give you suggestions based on characteristics you like as well as books similar to other books you've read.

Book Talks and Book Trailers
Click on the link to see the book trailers we've watched at each grade level in the library and for other book talk presentations.

William Allen White Award
This site will give you everything you need to know (and more!) about the William Allen White Award and the books that have been or are on the lists.

Research Resources

EBSCO Explora Database

Use this database to find magazine and newspaper articles for class assignments.

Read It!
This database includes reading material on a variety of subjects, with resources to help build background knowledge, conduct research, and improve study skills.


This is an online encyclopedia of Kansas history provided by the Kansas State Historical Society.

Encyclopedia Britannica
World Book Web
These are links to online encyclopedias where you'll find information, magazine articles, and links to website on a variety of topics.

World Almanac Kids
This classic reference tool gives statistical information about all kinds of subjects. 

World Book Online eBooks
 (click on the "eBooks" icon)

​Access to eBooks covering a variety of subjects.  Useful for research or informational reading. Downloadable files or viewable online.

Class Resources

This free website is a great place to find the answers to any of your science-related questions.

Image Library

Sites at this link have images generally available to use without copyright restrictions. Please double check before you use an image, and always give credit!

Lesson Resources